Find relief with mosquito control in Elkridge, Rockville & Baltimore, MD

Don't simply put up with the annoying mosquitos - thinking their sting is harmless - opt to eliminate them from your property instead. As the region's preferred pest control company, we'll pinpoint those areas that encourage mosquito populations to flourish, destroy their colonies and work to prevent their recolonization. Licensed, insured, bonded and experienced in proper mosquito control measures, we are the local experts used by many home and business owners throughout the region.

Remember: though their sting may be tiny, their effect is huge.

Mosquitoes, with populations found across the globe, are responsible for more human deaths than any other creature or cause on the planet. Ever. Spreading a variety of fatal diseases, mosquito populations need to be eradicated as soon as they start to establish their colony.

Credited with spreading West Nile Virus, St. Louis and Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Malaria, Yellow fever and Canine heartworm, mosquitoes present a number of health risks to both your family and pets. Mosquitoes usually emerge during spring when the temperatures begin to warm, making the warmer months of the year ripe with risk.

Stop simply dealing with annoying mosquitos, thinking the risk isn't real. Exterminate the dangerous pests with year-round pest control maintenance services by Home Advantage Pest Services. We'll happily perform a free on-site assessment and quote for any and all of your mosquito control needs in Elkridge, Rockville & Baltimore, MD.